Tutorials and advice on helping your child learn to read.

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Raising a Reader: Laying the Foundations for a Love of Reading

An exploration of essential reading skills, from phonemic awareness to fluency, emphasizing structured phonics and literacy development tools like Bookbot.

What is Phonics?

Debs Moir explains the difference between Synthetic and Analytic phonics. She goes on to examine how synthetic phonics is proving to be a more successful approach to learning to read. Phonics is just one part of the learning literacy puzzle.

What are Decodable Books?

This article explains the term 'Decodable Book' and why it is important in learning to read.

Decoding and Morphology

Teacher, and Bookbot author, Jenni Mills explains how the morphology of a word takes decoding to higher levels including; root words, suffix and tense.

Orthographic Mapping

A brief explanation of the term Orthographic Mapping and why it is important to learning to read.

Levelled Books

An explanation of written language as a 'code' which readers must decode in order to understand the message.

The Confusion of Levels

Different schools and teachers may use different reading systems, all with their own level. This article looks at some of the leading, levelled readers and how they correspond to Bookbot levels

The Benefits of Reading Aloud

Teacher and Bookbot author Jenni Mills explores how the Bookbot app has improved fluency by insisting on accuracy, reading aloud. The article explores the other benefits of reading aloud such as memory boosting and using auditory pathways to improve retention.

Learning to Read: A Right Not a Privilege

Debs Moir lists some of the leading reports into literacy and the systematic phonics approach.

Being Involved in Your Child’s Education (In the Right Way)

A guide to overcoming challenges of home schooling through the pandemic lockdown (VIC Australia syllabus content)

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