Happy Bot

Poor reading and comprehension will impede your child’s potential. There's nothing worse than feeling helpless if your child is struggling while learning to read.

That's why we created Bookbot: a virtual reading assistant that will listen to your child read out loud, helping them as they go along.

Girls reading on iPad

‘Just right’ reading levels

Appropriate books are individually selected based on your child’s current reading ability, allowing them to achieve success whilst stretching them just enough.

Book Library Zooming
Text highlighted while reading

Guided progress

The line your child is reading is highlighted as they speak, encouraging focus and fluency. It’s like having your finger following their reading.

Immediate Feedback

Words are de-emphasised as your child reads them correctly, instilling an instant sense of confidence and achievement.

Text highlighted while reading on iPad
Incorrect words spoken

Instant clarification

Incorrectly pronounced words are identified and spoken by Bookbot before your child can continue reading. No more guessing and getting it wrong.

Easy on the eye

Well-spaced print using black sans-serif fonts on light pastel colour make the reading experience as easy as possible.

Book with sans-serif fonts on iPhone