‘Just right’ reading levels

Appropriate books are individually selected based on your child’s current reading ability, allowing them to achieve success whilst stretching them just enough.

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Guided progress

The line your child is reading is highlighted as they speak, encouraging focus and fluency. It’s like having your finger following their reading.

Immediate Feedback

Words are de-emphasised as your child reads them correctly, instilling an instant sense of confidence and achievement.

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Incorrect words spoken

Instant clarification

Incorrectly pronounced words are identified and spoken by Bookbot before your child can continue reading. No more guessing and getting it wrong.

Easy on the eye

Well-spaced print using black sans-serif fonts on light pastel colour make the reading experience as easy as possible.

Book with sans-serif fonts on iPhone
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Proven Phonics Approach

Bookbot uses a phonics approach that has seen dramatic gains in UK reading standards from 58% in 2012 to 81% in 2016.


Supported by

Supported by the Disability Tech Accelerator Remarkable, a division of Cerebral Palsy Alliance, with funding from principal partner the icare Foundation and partners Telstra Foundation, Macquarie and Microsoft. Bookbot is also supported by the AMP Foundation's tomorrow fund.

Support and FAQ

We’re always here to answer your questions and help you get the best out of Bookbot. You can chat to us live, or send us a message. We’ve also prepared a list of frequently asked questions.

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