Articles specifically created to explore or advise on the best ways to support children with dyslexia

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What is Dyslexia?

Debs Moir explores and symptoms and signs of Dyslexia as well as taking a look at some of the scientific evidence behind Dyslexia as a condition.

What Does It Mean to Be Dyslexic?

A look at how Dyslexia affects individuals, how some real kids are coping with it and some famous people in history known to have Dyslexia.

Ten Things That Should Be Included in a Dyslexia Assessment

In this indepth article, Debs Moir shares some of her experiences in chasing a diganosis of Dyslexia for her son Archie, and lists assessments which informed parents should be asking for.

Is Dyslexia Hereditary? – Here’s What You Need to Know

Shelly Dollosa writes about Bookbot founder Adrian Dewitt's personal experience with dyslexia and how it has affected different members of his family. She goes on to examine some facts and figures on genetics and Dyslexia. She has included links to resources for further reading

What is MSL?

Debs Moir explains the process of MSL and the reasoning behind the method. MSL was designed to assist children with Dyslexia, but is now being used in regular classrooms with proven results to teach the fundamentals of literacy.

Finder tracking and Eye Movement Disorders

Some people with Dyslexia experience eye movement disorders, while others do not. And having an eye movement disorder does not mean that a person also has Dyslexia. This article explains how Bookbot can assist in keeping track of position in text.

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