Debs Moir
Communications Manager

I’m a mum of two: Ella and Archie. Ella is one of those fortunate children who took to reading like a duck to water; her favourite thing is lying in bed reading a good book. I gave myself a pat on the back. What a good parent I was: all that reading to her in the early days clearly paid off and I was rewarded with an excellent reader who devours books.

Then came Archie. I did the same reading and encouraging, but he wasn’t getting it. I did some more, and still no change. After what seemed like a very long journey we discovered that Archie has dyslexia and dyspraxia, amongst other things. 

Whilst immersing myself in learning all about reading difficulties, just like Davina and Adrian did, I came across Bookbot. It was like discovering a new best friend.

Archie loves a good story, but he just can’t take himself off to bed and enjoy one on his own. Bookbot allows him to do that, whilst supporting his learning journey.

I know Bookbot won’t answer all our prayers, but will certainly make a difference.

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