Bookbot & Inspiring Melbournian Small Businesses

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Melissa Hamiltonopen blog post

Bookbot & Inspiring Melbournian Small Businesses

Bookbot is in good company among a group of inspiring organizations that were awarded small business and social enterprise grants by the City of Melbourne.  

The City of Enterprise is committed to maintaining its’ reputation for innovation and creativity by helping passionate small businesses reach new markets. Bookbot is honored to be among other inspiring initiatives such as Unpackaged Eco, which works to reduce packaging waste, and Worksmith Ella, a high-tech bar laboratory that will help train the bartenders of tomorrow. 

Adrian DeWitts created Bookbot to help his dyslexic son Forrester improve his reading skills after realizing the technology industry was lacking in this arena.  The app encourages young readers to practice reading aloud while the voice-recognition technology follows along seamlessly, enabling better focus and a pressure-free environment.  The app is great not only for dyslexic readers but children of all levels as it can be programmed to achieve various goals and has been popular among parents and teachers looking for additional reading resources.  

Bookbot is excited to use this business grant to continue its mission of making reading accessible to everyone.