January 7, 2019

Bookbot Awarded AMP’s Tomorrow Fund

We were delighted to receive an AMP Tomorrow Fund awards grant. AMP gives grants to amazing Australians doing great things in their communities. AMP recognised Bookbot’s vision to help struggling readers by awarding us with a grant to help us perfect our app.

We were in great company at the awards ceremony and we loved hearing about all the inspiring projects that had also received grants. Here are just two of them:

Paint the Town REaD

Children benefit hugely from being involved in reading activities from a very early age; it gets them ready to learn to read when they start school. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen in many communities across Australia.

Kate Arthur and her team at Paint the Town REaD works to motivate these communities by partnering with local agencies to form Paint the Town REaD groups. There are over 70 groups across Australia, and each one organises its own year-round reading events involving children from birth in talking, singing, rhyming and reading activities. They’re creating a ‘literacy culture’ within community groups, agencies and businesses that will sew the seeds of literacy for thousands of young Australians. Awesome stuff.


We loved chatting to Mike Tozer, the CEO of Xceptional. Having an autistic sister made Mike aware of the enormous challenges faced by people with autism: they are 12 times less likely to secure a job. But the challenges that those with autism face are actually strengths in some circumstances.

People with autism are able to cope with repetitive tasks, have enhanced pattern recognition and possess a strong attention to detail. These are the very skills required to excel in software testing. That’s why Mike decided to lead the change by launching Xceptional, an industry-leading software testing company.


Bookbot was honoured to share space with these inspirational people who are also doing their bit to change the world. Thanks to AMP for giving us the opportunity.

AMP's Tomorrow Fund

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