July 13, 2020

11 New Releases for Bookbot (Pets, Creepy Crawlies, and Science!)

We have just released some new titles for Bookbot, and we can’t wait to share them with you! There are new books across several series, with:

Seven new non-fiction books for younger readers

non fiction books

Two new editions in the Forbidden Book Club series for older readers

forbidden book club series


Two texts in our science series for older readers

science series

Let’s take a closer look at the new releases.


Non-fiction for Younger Readers

Our non-fiction for younger readers includes pictures and drawings of common animals and objects that are sure to get kids excited to read. The topics are selected because they are simple to decode phonetically.



These books contain simple, observational sentences that the reader can connect with what is happening in the photographs and drawings. The style of the photos and drawings are also sure to get them talking about other things that they can see in the pictures.



We publish the books across three different sets so that they can be accessible to lots of little readers. If your child wants to read a text on the same topic when they go up in level, this is great practice. The words in each text are different, meaning that they are exposed to new phonemes and forms of expression. This will build on their vocabulary and understanding while strengthening their phonics skills.



Our Cats and Kittens titles explore lots of little feline friends. The books talk about cats and kittens with different temperaments, and some of the things that they enjoy doing.

There are cats who are mad and cats who are sad. Slinky cats and tricky cats. Cuddle cats and nap cats.



Kittens in trees and kittens in grass. Kittens who are going to get a scare.



For those who prefer canines as their furry friends, we have Dogs and Pups. These books provide lots of opportunities to talk about the joys and responsibilities involved in owning a dog.


Dogs on sand and dogs in snow. Dogs running about all over.



Pups in cups and pups in the rain. Even pups that have stepped out for a poop!



For lovers of things that creep and crawl, we have Insects and Caterpillars. These books show us some of the diversity in the bug world, and a little bit about what some of these bugs can do.


In our Insects book, we discuss how all insects have six legs. This will get readers thinking about creatures that might be bugs, but are not insects. See if they can think of some of these before they meet them through the book.



Over in Caterpillars, we take a look at the astounding variation that we see in these aspiring butterflies and moths. Get your little reader using their describing words to compare and contrast these caterpillars as they munch and crunch their way through life.



Our final title in this series for the month is Hats.

hats books


Get your reader thinking about sun safety and the different things that we use hats for. You can have them discuss the different jobs that we use hats for, and what might happen if you have the wrong hat for the task.

hard hats


Fiction for Older Readers

If your reader has already made their way through the first issue of the Forbidden Book Club, let them know that there are now two more installments in the series! These books are set in a world where fiction has been banned. The children develop a connection with an old lady who has a machine that can transport them into story worlds, as well as a chest full of ten tales.

the machine


In Book 2 of the series, The Bowerbird Blues, our protagonists find themselves in a town full of grief and sorrow. The moment that they set foot in the town, a policeman confiscates all of their blue belongings. In order to get to the bottom of the mystery, the shape-shifting member of their group, Skink, changes into a bowerbird and follows a fellow bowerbird back it its nest. What they find there will change the town forever.



Book 3, The Min Min Lights, finds our reading club in a town where many family members have disappeared after following lights into the bush. The children decide that they will need to track the min mins in order to find out where everybody has gone. They head into the bush, and the lights get closer and closer. Eventually, they are close enough to touch. Will they follow the path of the lost?

darren and skink


Non-fiction for Older Readers

Lastly, we have our first two science titles for older readers: Physics and Biology, soon to be followed by a Chemistry title. This series has a different approach to the others. Each one is still centered around a topic and offered in three sets, but they are broken up into individual pages with questions. This will help readers to process the information in small chunks. Each book has twelve questions to lead readers into paragraphs about the topic, and also a fun question with a fact or something for consideration at the end.

mobile pollution


In Physics, we explore a broad introduction to the subject. In the future, there will be specific books on many of the topics within this text.

physics books


The initial text can provide a foundation in the subject for your reader, and get them excited for future physics titles about things like space, light, and sound!



Similarly, the Biology titles introduce ideas that we will investigate further in future texts.

biology books


Your reader can bring their knowledge of plants and animals to the book, and put this understanding in the context of concepts like the biosphere, evolution, and pollution. I hope that these books allow them to apply their knowledge and also get them asking questions.

skeleton cat


That’s all from us for now, but I look forward to introducing out new titles next month!

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