The Home-learning Technology We Didn’t Know We Needed until Covid-19.

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Melissa Hamiltonopen blog post

The Home-learning Technology We Didn’t Know We Needed until Covid-19.

The Covid-19 global pandemic has altered our lives in many ways and for some, depending on what country you live in, it has created a way of life that is almost unrecognizable.  Things we took for granted in 2019 -  like eating out at restaurants, going to concerts, and attending school - are things of the past in many places. And when things do return to normal it seems safe to say that it will be a new normal. In this new Covid-era there are many technologies that we weren’t aware of before but now couldn’t imagine living without.  For example, prior to this year many people had never heard of Zoom, now it’s actively used as a verb by not only those who have recently become members of the remote workforce, but for almost anyone who wants to have screen time with friends and family during social isolation.

This type of disruption is prime territory for new technologies and resources to develop and grow exponentially. At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a solid front-runner in the learning technology arena aside from some companies like Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackboard and even Zoom for video conferencing, so the question is who will step up to the plate and become the new household brand when we think of learning from home?  

The technology for at-home learning doesn’t have to be limited to large-scale teaching platforms and school-controlled curriculums.  Many parents that are faced with the previously unfathomable prospect of homeschooling their children, or even just those that now have their children home more these days are turning to technology that can give their kids a leg-up in learning, help them improve skills they are struggling with or to simply keep them entertained in a way that isn’t mindless video games or social media.  It’s this demand that apps like Bookbot stand ready to fill.

Bookbot has been helping children practice reading since 2018, with a focus on helping children with learning disabilities and challenges. But nowadays, with more kids stuck at home, the need for intelligent and stimulating technology has increased exponentially.  Bookbot uses voice-recognition technology to help children read out loud in a supportive and comfortable environment without the need for having a parent or teacher present.  The user can choose a friendly character that follows along with the reader, tracking their progress and highlighting errors and areas of improvement.  It is especially helpful for children who have learning disabilities like dyslexia or those that have anxiety reading in front of others.  

In this new Covid-era we will be hard pressed to replace in-person learning but technology will continue to adapt and bridge some of these gaps.  It’s an exciting time to see how the tech industry will continue to solve problems and change the status quo.